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Celebrating Home, A Time for Every Season

Celebrating Home, A Time for Every Season

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James Farmer is thrilled to announce his newest book, Celebrating Home, A Time for Every Season.


Celebrating Home is an entertaining-focused book that celebrates just what makes celebrations special! Plates and patterns, flowers and food, stemware and silver…and, most importantly, the blessings of each passing season and the observances of the graceful small joys that truly make our lives big.


Each season is a salute to nature’s bounty, a family’s heritage and the undercurrent of love we share. Commemorating each milestone or minute with that love is a true delight. Whether a birthday, holiday or a significantly insignificant day, may we always long to be at home - honoring the times we share there, treasuring the traditions and generations represented therein, and rediscovering the joy our homes and gardens bring to our lives.


Photography by Emily Followill and Foreword by Furlow Gatewood.

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