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Don't skimp on quite possibly the most important room in the house! The dinner table is where friends become family, so make sure your home and your personality are represented by the very best. 



The Collier Table is the perfect interpretation of a classic library table. At 48" in diameter, it can serve as an entry, game or dining table in a cozy breakfast room. The serpentine legs curve inward gracefully resting on an open, quatrefoil-shaped stretcher - made in North Carolina. The Collier Dining Table is available in over 56 different colors and finishes. 


This geometric composition dining chair incorporates several continental details including an architecturally-inspired crest rail, carved and fluted posts, and a graphic, radial-patterned back. It is displayed here in Plaisirs de la Chine fabric and an antique ivory finish. The London Chairs will be a hit no matter the look or audience. 

The Classic Sideboard

This iconic piece of American history will resonate throughout any home as the tradition of Henkel Harris receives a refreshing twist on dining aesthetics. Pictured and displayed in a coffee satin finish with brass hardware and foot ferrules, this is a piece that gets passed down to multiple generations within a family. 

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